one sky music
March 10, 2005
from the GatelessGate Newsletter/Koregaon Park, Pune, India, February-March edition 2005
interview and photo by Kamakshi
Pune, India 2005

Pune, India 2005

Milarepa — the much-loved singer, musician, songwriter, poet, meditation leader — was in town for a few days after a gap of some years. People were very happy to see him play again for Sannyas Celebration in the Osho Meditation Resort 1st of January 2005. Many people were deeply touched by the energy that day and it was good to see the place full and happening over their “One World Celebration” festival. Milarepa said he very much enjoyed playing and it was a strong experience for him, too. He loves the new look of the Resort and the architecture, and feels the changes are wonderful. He has spent the last fourteen years touring the world for 10 to 11 months of the year with his music and meditation tours, which take him to Japan, Taiwan, Australia, America, Brazil and Europe. He finds Japan very Zen-like. And America, he says, is a hard place to meditate and has no soul. He feels India and the people are very conducive to meditation, despite all its other difficulties. He says, “There are so many beautiful things happening in the World of Osho. The pod has burst. Osho is everywhere through his people.”

Later this year, after his tour in Brazil, he will be working on his new album of songs of which one of his favourite tracks is Wake Up. Besides music albums, he has also produced three meditation CD’s, one of which is Chakra Healing, based on shamanic healing techniques. He is grateful to have music as his expression and is inspired by meditation, love, and being in love. He also loves to dance and enjoys all kinds of music – especially if it brings you into meditation. He is very happy to be back in India and can see that it has changed a lot. He first came here 29 years ago and met Osho. He calls it a ‘divine accident’. He says, “Everything made sense after that.”