one sky music
March 13, 2023

I’m making a fresh start, a new beginning
Jumping in at the deep end, throwing reason to the wind
You know I got a feeling I’ve been here before
Standing at the threshold knocking at love’s door

It’s a funny kind of math, you can’t learn it from a book
Open up your eyes and look, see it happening everywhere
It’s a thing called love, been going on for centuries
You can hear its song in the birds and the bees

They don’t teach it in school and it don’t follow no rules
But they say it always finds a way and I believe that’s true
Because love is a rainbow, a bridge between two hearts
And love is the pain we feel when we’re apart

The same heart beats in you that beats in me
We both want love and we want to be free
At the end of the day when its all been said and done
I know in this heart-of-hearts you are the one

One plus one always equals one when you’re in love

Track #5 from the album Daydreams.

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