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This page is dedicated to Osho

All the religions are trying to humiliate humanity. Their whole business and exploitation and oppression depend on you, your fear, your greed, your death, your disease. If you start feeling yourself divine and can enjoy not only life but death too with the same dance, what will be the purpose of the priests? And they are in the millions all over the world, living just like parasites. They may be Hindu, they may be Mohammedan, they may be Christian, they may belong to any religion, but priesthood is the ancientmost profession of parasites. If you enter yourself and find the truth, you will be surprised that every effort was made to keep you ignorant of what was within you, so that the exploitation could continue. Buddha’s attitude is that you are a buddha. It is not a question of achieving buddhahood. You are a buddha; all that you need is a mirror to see your face, your original face – a recognition, a remembrance. You have forgotten who you are. And every moment is the right time. You just need a little courage to risk your knowledgeability, risk your ego, and put everything that you think is valuable at stake. Search within yourself for the only thing that you can neither borrow from anybody nor give to anybody. That is your nature. And that nature is always in the present. Hence, the present is the right time. Neither yesterday nor tomorrow. Today. This very moment you can become a buddha.