one sky music
March 18, 2023

Standing at the crossroads of my life again
With both hands empty wondering who I am
The highway is calling and I hear that sound
The wheels in my head keep spinning round and round

Grooving in the moment but I’m a little out of time
Staring at the words can’t get nothing to rhyme
It’s a razor’s edge in the here-and-now, that’s why
I’m running like crazy for the higher ground

No guarantee I’ll make it but I’m gonna take a risk
Trust myself and carry on even if I miss
Lessons in life come easy when you know
The secret inside is just letting go

It isn’t always easy, sometimes you get the blues
And you can’t see the forest for the trees
Just when you think you’ve lost it all
And feel your back against the wall
That’s when you’ll hear the river’s call

Can’t push the river
Gotta go with the flow
Easy is the right way
Gonna let myself go

Track #1 from the album Daydreams.

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