one sky music

In the East, music has been always used as a support for meditation. It is difficult to fight with the mind and its constant rush of thoughts. But when you are absorbed in beautiful music, thoughts can disappear. Music is sound, but sound can be used in such a way to create silence. That is the whole art.

2024 Band

In my travels, people will sometimes ask, “Why is your band called One Sky?” and “Why are there always different musicians each year?”

It’s like this. Each year when one tour finishes, I get out my address book and start connecting with musician friends to see who has the time, energy, and enthusiasm for the next year. Musicians are like everyone else. They have the same car payments; the same job obligations to their employers (not to mention, girlfriends) that everyone else does. The main thing is availability, who can afford to take time off and be on the road away from home for one or more months at a time. One of the perks about taking care of the music like I did in the Osho Commune for so many years was getting to meet hundreds of talented people from all over the world. In other words, I am lucky to have a big address book.

About the band title: I tried this name and that over the years, finally realizing that though the musicians may be many, the music is one. “One Sky” says it all. And I always seem to end up with the most amazing bands each year. Different combinations of people, yes, but always amazing. Priya, organizer of the New York event, will laugh when she reads this because, year after year, we look at each other, shake our heads, shrug our shoulders, and say: “Can it get any better than this?” And then it does. Next year’s band never fails to take it up a notch. Life’s lessons for me are in trusting and watching. Having said this, and with a dash of patience, soon this page will be filled with the photos of the wonderful, musical individuals who will make you dance and sing like never before. This much I can promise.