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These are some of my personal favorites reflecting a rainbow vision of meditation, music, and celebration. — dedicated to active meditation. Informative, colorful, and upbeat. Maintained by Prem Maneesha (James), author and meditation leader; also known for asking the questions in Osho’s discourses. — a touching and worthwhile site to explore. — wonderful retreat center and commune in the pristine Swedish counrtyside. Their annual ‘No-mind Festival’ each summer is a blast. — homepage of Beatrix Aradhan Smit, Switzerland. — high-quality meditation chair that keeps the spine straight while relaxing the body, making sitting a comfortable, effortless joy. Danish design. — homepage of friend and fellow-musician, Lalit, from my old band days at Rajneeshpuram. I learned a lot from him. I love this work! — because Life is worth celebrating! — homepage of beloved One Sky tour musician, Chandira. Enjoy her talents and wonderful creativity. – Darshana focuses on healthy vegan cooking; also connected with the Forks Over Knives movement. — an oasis in Lisbon, Portugal for Reiki and Osho meditations. — as far as Osho and Krishna Prem are concerned, laughter is the BEST medicine. Enjoy his newsletter ;+) — living life at the maximum with good health, exercise, meditation, and an  open heart. breast cancer awareness. and beloved tennis partner (in gratitude). — healing arts and meditation in the Miyazaki area, southeast part of Kyushu, one of the four main islands of Japan. — wonderful bed&breakfast operated by dear friends, Jacqueline and Nikhil. Located in the town of Cahuita, Costa Rica on the Caribbean Sea. Surrounded by lush, tropical gardens and protected rainforest. Nearby, check out their eco-resort: The Goddess Garden (see link this page). You will have a magic experience here, I promise. — an international school of personal development offering ongoing workshops and programs. It is a unique place on the planet where love and transformation reign.I have immense respect for Vereesh, his team, and the work that happens here. Check it out. — good personal growth site based in Australia. — musician, photographer, shaman, fellow traveler, brother. — wonderful homepage for dance. — homepage of Leela offering a variety of holistic events and courses in Italy. — recently I discovered this site while surfing the Net for Osho-related things. — “sharing love and bringing light into the world is a joy” is the message of this homepage from my friends, Amarga and Svabhavo. — features the wonderful art of my friend, Paul Heussenstamm (Vibodha), from Laguna Beach, California. — support resource for living and dying — website of beloved friend and artist, Meera. — center for group activities in Lithuania. — wonderful and inspiring retreat center in south Sweden. — Narayani is one of my favorite singers. I love her songs. Her voice has the rare quality of touching hearts and moving the soul. — homepage of the wonderful flautist, Nandin Baker. — for those interested in Zen. This is the real deal. — Osho meditation and related activities in the Chicago area. — an international online magazine for sannyasins and friends of Osho.. — homepage of the Osho RISK Meditation Center located in the idyllic Danish countryside. A great place to meditate, celebrate, walk, and just be oneself. One of the best therapist training programs on the planet. A wholesale distributor for my cds. English spoken. — if you are interested in finding out more about Osho, this site is a must. Here you will discover a variety of topics ranging from meditation, music to mysticism; yoga, tantra, health and well-being, enlightenment, stress management, and retreat programs. —  contact Vibhuti for meditation activities in Okinawa. — a wonderful meditation and personal growth center in the rolling English countryside of Dorset. — for Osho-related activities in Switzerland, especially the Zurich area. — one on the main distributors of Osho’s books and my music in Europe. Located in Holland. English spoken. — main distributor for Osho’s books and my music in Italy. – a resource for meditation and Osho-related activities in Atlanta, Georgia. — a resource site for Osho meditations in Slovenia. — a meditation/therapy resort in the stunning Tuscan countryside of Italy. — a celebration of Life, Love, and Osho in The Himalayas. Paradise! — VIHA offers materials on Osho dynamic meditation including Osho Rajneesh books, Osho DVDs, Osho meditation CDs, videos and other Tantra books. — when someone asked Osho to describe his greatest contribution to religious consciousness, he said he would like to be remembered for having given religion a “sense of humor”. No doubt, the world certainly needs to laugh more. Deva Krishna, who designed this site, is one of those people I can have a real belly-laugh with — anytime, anyplace. We don’t even need a reason! — homepage of the Osho Padma Meditation Center in New York City . Weekly meditations and events. Great place to connect with Osho if you live in the USA and are interested in meditation. — a delightful, absolutely magical theater company from Germany. — creativity transforms. Enjoy this lovely site. — a wonderful radio websource for Osho, meditation, music, and more. — a sense of humor is an essential part of Osho’s vision. For a good laugh, and also to order Osho’s comprehensive book of jokes, visit this site. Homepage for Vimal, one of Osho’s joke-writing team. He is sometimes heard asking the questions in Osho’s discourses. “OK Vimal?” — if you travel to the Japan and the island of Okinawa, enjoy this healing spa in downtown Naha City for sessions, counseling, bodywork, and meditation. Contact Vibhuti. — homepage for the art of my dear friend, Siddhena. — homepage of the Osho Institute For Awareness. Offering sessions, groups and silent retreats in The Himalayas. — Uni Lee is a kitchen guru in the best sense of the word. She is an outstanding chef, culinary educator, health counselor, and artist who implements health supportive diets in various retreat centers, restaurants, and food related businesses. — editing/translating of texts for websites, articles, theses, and books. — singer/songwriter from The Netherlands. — cartoons with humor and vision by Sudhi — homepage of friend and fellow musician, Teerth. — website for the wonderful Abode of the Message. Headquarters for Pir Vilyat Khan’s Sufi Order of the West. My USA events happen here. — wellness center of friends, Niseema and Karam, in New York City. — a first-class nature retreat and spa in Cahuita, Costa Rica. It’s paradise, believe me. — a beloved friend with a lovely voice and musical Soul. — news and information about meditations, groups, Osho on cable tv in The Netherlands. — a pioneer organic farm in csa (community supported agriculture). One of the first of its kind in America. It also doubles as a retreat center and occasional venue for the annual Chicago event. — a nourishing approarch to a balanced, joyous life and healthy relationships. — ever dream of swimming with the dolphins? Then this is your place. Amlas and Atmo provide these once-in-a-lifetime experiences on Bimini Island, The Bahamas. Highly recommended. — the divine, sparkling creativity of Yasha. — distributor of Osho books & music in Norway. Drop by if you are in Oslo. — Osho meditation and related activities in Dallas, Texas.