one sky music
October 15, 2016

What a wonderful series of events, from the OshoFest in San Diego through Upstate New York, Wisconsin, and Dallas! I kept a good tour diary on Facebook where many of these following photos can be seen. But included here are some of my personal favorites plus a few new ones.┬áThe driving part of the tour was almost six thousand miles. But with a fun band, and a good DJ and person on snacks, they go quickly — all part of the amazing journey every tour is. Miracle! Also, that these events are among the most consistent Osho activities in North America since more than twenty years. Double miracle! The joy remains in everyone coming together, the music the magnet and the mysterious thing that brings us all to the point of silence – and the peaks of ecstasy – time and timeless time again. Kudos to this year’s band: Chandira, Rishi, and Tarisha. My gratitude also goes out to all our various organizers and their tireless, loving teams. I have arranged the photos more or less chronologically, but also felt to leave them a little more random than usual. I always remember Osho liking the books in His library arranged on their shelves like this: randomly, with more flow and less order. And it’s true: when I just flip through the photos without them being arranged too much the joyous chaos of the events shines through like so many galaxies exploding. So has been the feeling at every event this year. To view more tour diaries, visit Enjoy!