one sky music
November 15, 2019

It is that time of the year again when Nature reminds us an essential truth: everything has its season. I love how Osho puts it, that the idea of death does not occur to the leaves because they are too busy LIVING their autumn! It is a colorful season for sure, a celebration of letting go.

“There is beauty in the leaves of autumn. But those leaves don’t know that they are dying. Those leaves don’t know that they are decadent. Those leaves are still living. They have no fear of death. Those leaves are living their autumn! They have lived their spring, now they are living their autumn. Those leaves have lived their life, now they are living their death. And there is a great difference. When you see autumn leaves, the idea of death arises in you, not in the leaves. The leaves are uncorrupted by any idea. They are in total suchness. Spring was good, so is autumn. And life was beautiful – those green days and the winds and the clouds, they were beautiful and so are these days. The leaves are drying and becoming pale and falling to the ground – and they are enjoying because they are going back to the source. It is from where they had come in the first place. They were born out of the earth, they played in the winds, they rose high in the sky, they had their day – now they are tired, now they want to be rejuvenated, they want to fall back into the womb. They are perfectly happy. There is no hitch, no complaint, no grudge; there is no fear, no apprehension.” Osho “Walk without Feet, Fly without Wings and Think without Mind, Chapter 8″