one sky music
July 26, 2014


Oh, what Joy! For seven days in July, the Osho RISK Summer Festival reaffirmed the words of the Sages: “This Very Body, The Buddha. This Very World, The Lotus Paradise.” The combination of meditation and love makes it reality. It’s easy. It just takes a little courage and some initiative. This is the insight I will carry in my heart from the festival.

The music was given wings by the most wonderful group of musicians: Bindu, Chandira, Diana, Harisharan, Jivan, Lars, Nadiya, Palash, and Salima. Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you, beloveds.

There were wonderful workshops to enjoy; incrediblely tasty and nourishing food from the cooks; a great cabaret; a stellar jazz evening, several discos, good weather, and and and … even a hot tub! Everything supported by the divine, magical Nature of the surrounding countryside, so perfect for walks, being with oneself and what is.

And a special thank you to the festival organizers, Anjee, Ashiko, Subhuti and their support team for the smooth sailing we all experienced and enjoyed.