one sky music
July 24, 2015

The Osho RISK Summer Festival, always a highlight of the Europe summer tour, was indeed again a gathering of fellow travelers from around the world — an energetic, kaleidoscope of color and transformation. At the end of the first day, the musicians and I marveled, “Wow, and this was only Day One!”, so full and overflowing was the feeling. The new building, Kabir, with its beautiful, upstairs group room allowed for two events to happen simultaneously giving participants a choice. These were not always easy choices as every single event was so juicy, fun, and interesting. Of the many highlights, all too numerous to mention here, were Tarisha’s “Singing Medicine” workshop; Rishi’s off-the-charts “Trance Dance”; the popular “Jazz Cafe” evening hosted by Harisharan; Subhuti’s play “Journey To Kailash”; the “Cabaret” which this year included a crazy skit by me playing a self-absorbed Bollywood flimstar/dancer that ended in some spirited Bhangra (Punjabi Folk Dancing) led by Nikhil. Then there was the canoe trip and … so much more. The kitchen was firing on all cylinders, the cooks keeping our bodies nourished and strong. Anjee, Ashika, and Subhuti, this year’s organizers, plus their attentive, caring staff did a great job.There were many behind-the-scenes people helping and supporting in so many ways — cleaners, office staff, meditation and event facilitators, and more — all seeing to it that the festival ran smoothly, the facilities looked pristine, and that everyone who came departed with a full heart and positive experience. Finally, to my most-awesome and beloved band — Chandira, Harisharan, Nadiya, Palash, Rishi, and Tarisha, I bow and say Thank You!