one sky music
September 1, 2017

The OSHO Leela Center in Dorset, England has a year-round program of courses, workshops, and festivals, and their summer OSHO festival is one of the highlights. It is always a joy and honor to be invited. This year’s festival band included some friends of mine since many years (Tarisha, Suvarna, Satyam, Shanti Deva, Prabodh, Omesh) but also included musicians I was playing with for the first time such as Manu. What a wonderful job he did on the drums! It is always a luxury to have a soundman and this festival always has a good one (thank you, Shaun!). For the music part of the program, there was Morning Satsang, Nataraj, Stop!Dance, Mahamudra Meditation, the Evening Meeting, Sannyas Celebration, a rocking concert of songs, and Heart Dance  with Yatro and Nishok. Wow, that’s a LOT of music I just realized! Amura and Tarisha were the festival coordinators. They did a wonderful job making everyone feel welcome. We were also blessed with super weather. For England in the summertime I would say we were very lucky. The food from the festival kitchen was simply stellar.

It’s a great place to visit, Osho Leela, for groups and festivals. There is even a live-in work program. Check them out here:   

Tarisha is also a stellar musician. Find her music here: