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February 16, 2021

I am happy to announce the next Satsang: A Worldwide Osho Tribute. I have been collaborating with the band on it since early last December. It has been a lot of work, but also a LOT of fun. Now at last, it is ready to share. 

It will be in an “evening” format this time, what is sometimes referred to as “Osho White Robe Brotherhood” or “Evening Meeting”. The stages are ten minutes of high-energy celebration, followed by ten minutes of silent sitting with soft music, and an Osho discourse. This time as a special treat, it finishes with a short Sannyas Celebration. It will be a one-of-a-kind tribute to the master, a joyous international gathering of friends and meditators, and — a super celebration! 

Satsang will be shared via Zoom, four times over three days, on the weekend of February 26 – 28, so that everyone around the world will have an opportunity to enjoy. Each streaming will feature a different discourse. Please note the links below, and choose a date and time convenient (it is fine to join more than one). Anyone wishing to take sannyas, please contact me directly at 

Onwards and upwards!

The Band:

Atmo – trumpet

Chandira – vocals

Chintan – bass, tablas

Dhwani – tin whistle

Nadama – keyboards

Nandin – flute

Milarepa – guitar, vocals

Rishi – drums

Sudhananda – vocals

1. FRIDAY (evening) — February 26 at 7:45pm Eastern Standard Time

Direct Zoom Link:

2. SATURDAY (afternoon) — February 27 at 1pm Eastern Standard Time

Direct Zoom Link:

3. SATURDAY (evening) — February 27 at 7pm Eastern Standard Time

Direct Zoom Link:

4. SUNDAY (morning) — February 28 at 9:30am Eastern Standard Time

Direct Zoom Link: