one sky music
January 1, 2013

Celebrating Everything — Even the Cold!

I think of myself as a warm-weather person. Which is kind of strange because in recent years I always seem to find myself in the deepest of winter somewhere on the planet. To the point I thought to myself last summer, I really really have to be in a warm climate this winter. But alas. As fate, or as I am finding out — good fortune — would have it, I was suddenly on a plane December twenty-forth,  flying to Denmark and into the dark, Scandanavian deep-freeze. But something beautiful awaited me: the Osho RISK Winter Festival and many warm, loving friends; also some wonderful musician (new aquaintances and dear friends from past collaborations) — all of which was a big part of the pull I felt that got me on the plane in the first place. We were enough crazy hearts to create some wonderful high-energy celebration, but also some quieter, more silent music for the meditations. So, let’s see: there was that wonderful Jazz Cafe evening; and that super New Year’s Eve party; and all that wonderful food; and the many juicy workshops; and … and the Gangam-style dancing, of course! If I have to sum it all up in one word it is “wow!” Just “wow!” So much wow in fact I completely forgot about the weather. I mean, who cares really when one is having so much fun? The reality is, the festival helped open my eyes to see that even the coldest, bleakest winter has its beauty. With this insight still fresh, I say goodbye to the great year that was and welcome in the New Year that will be.