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April 30, 2007

On The Road – Again!

Spring is a special season anywhere in the world: a time when life awakes and starts to move again. After the long winter months, as the earth warms up and the last snow melts away (although there wasn’t much snow this year, at least in Europe), it is a great feeling to finally shed one’s winter wardrobe.


Rishi, Milarepa, Chandira, Palash, Harshil
Osho Miasto, Italy

March began for me and the musicians with a meditation weekend in Miasto.
It is always nice to be in Tuscany for any reason and the event was especially beautiful this year. I was joined by Rishi, Chandira, Harshil, and Palash. Great band!

After a long travel from Italy to Denmark by car, I flew to Japan via the States. I was in America just long enough to say hello to my mom and watch an espisode of her favorite TV show with her. Jeopardy!

I arrived to Tokyo in the late afternoon March 21 and rushed straight to the event: an Enlightenment Day Celebration in the heart of the city. How I managed with all my luggage to navigate the trains, subways, long walks, and those unforgiving granite steps in the underground stations is still a mystery, but I made it. A little late, yes, but I made it. When I arrived to the hall, it was totally silent outside the doors. In fact, I thought the event had already finished and the participants had gone home. To my surprise when I peeked in, everyone had just done an ‘osho!’ and had their arms raised in ecstatic silence. One person heard the door sqweek, looked around and spotted me, and the celebration was on. Wow – so beautiful to see all those lovely smiling faces, full of joy and welcome! Many thanks to Anupa for organizing and to my Banana Band friends for inviting me to play with them.

The very next morning I flew to Kyushu, one of the four main islands of Japan. Kyushu is the southern-most. Spring was just starting there and the cherry blossoms were everywhere. We had several beautiful events during the week – and a LOT of fun!

From Kyushu, I traveled to Shikoku, another of the four main islands of Japan. Shikoku is the eastern-most. Here in the city of Kochi, the event was a great mixing of young and old people, sannyasin and non- . It was such a delight to share meditation and celebration together. At some point during the event, something just seemed to click and love overflowed.

I write this update from the main island of Honshu, where I will be doing the rest of the events. I enjoy sharing the new meditations – ‘Chakra Healing’ and ‘Circle of Love’. I love the way they create a momentum of inner energy that easily flows into celebration, and the live-music simply makes it fun and joyous.

At the end of April, I move onto Taiwan to complete this current Far East tour. Then, in middle of May, I return to America to prepare for Europe as the summer tour comes into focus. You can check my web schedule for updates. When the band is on the road, our events are an opportunty to dance, sing, open and refresh the heart with meditation and celebration. Everyone is welcome to join our caravansarai wherever, whenever, possible. And don’t forget the Bahamas event in September. Aneesha will be co-facilitating with me this year. It is always a magical week in paradise, in the tropical ambience of Bimini Island, where we’ll enjoy the relaxing, warm, crystal-clear sea and swimming with the beautiful dolphins.

Some of the photos will have to wait for the May update, but this selection will give a taste of the recent travels and events.

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