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March 30, 2004

Higher Mathematics

1There is a branch of mathematics devoted to proving the mysteries of Existence with formulas and equations. It’s a rarefied realm inhabited by a special breed of people: people like Albert Einstein. His elucidation of the Law of Relativity is a good example of what scholars call abstract, or ‘higher’ mathematics. The discoveries in this field can sometimes have profound effects on the world in which we live. Witness the innocent looking little equation of Einstein’s, E=mc2, how when applied to the science of physics helped harness the power of the small atom.

This month marks my 28th sannyas birthday. It was twenty-eight years ago, one cool morning in India, I showed up at the ashram gates for my first Dynamic Meditation. So taken was I by the lucid eyes of the long-bearded sannyasin explaining the stages to me, I spaced-out the directions and breathed like a freight train through the second stage – twenty minutes! I will never forget how psychedelic the world looked after making that “mistake”; nor how alive I felt for the first time in my life. This was my first encounter with higher mathematics – of an inner kind that is.

You might laugh and wonder what meditation has to do with mathematics, but they are quite similar in a sense. For just as there is a science of the outer world, there is a science, or in this case, mathematics of the inner world. One particular formula I have discovered during in these twenty-eight years looks like this: music + meditation + celebration = personal transformation. But as any good mathematician will tell you, formulas need proving before they are can be accepted. So what about the proof for meditation then? Well, there’s a little saying that goes: The proof is in the pudding. Meaning: If you want to know how good the pudding is, you have to taste it for yourself. In other words, let’s do the math. See you at the events this year!

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First dance at two years old with my beloved Raggedy Ann Dancing with my beloved Master – Osho’s World Tour, Portugal, 1986