one sky music
February 22, 2018

“Maneesha has asked: ‘Beloved Osho, you have often said you will have no successors. But won’t all those who love you be your successors in that we carry you in our blood and bones and so you are part of us forever?’

“Maneesha, the concept of the successor is bureaucratic. The very idea of succession is not the right idea in the world of consciousness. That’s why I have said, I will not have successors. But you are right in saying that you will carry in your bones and in your blood my love, my insight. But don’t use the word `successor’; rather use the words `you will be me’. Why be so far away, a successor, when you can be me? Be so empty that I can make a home in you, that your emptiness can absorb my emptiness, that your heart can have the same dance as my heart. It is not succession; it is transmission. The very idea of succession is political. Only one person can be a successor, so there is bound to be competition, ambition. There is bound to be a subtle struggle to be closer to the master, to force others away. It may not be on the surface, but underneath the problem will remain in the disciples: “Who is going to be the successor?” I destroy the whole conception. Every disciple who has loved has become one with the master. There is no need of any competition; nor one successor. It is for everybody who has offered himself in deep gratitude, who has become one in a certain sense with the master’s presence. There is no need of any competition. Thousands can have the same experience, millions can have the same experience. To avoid politics in religion, I have said that I will not have successors. I want religion to be absolutely devoid of ambition, competition, being higher than another, putting everybody lower than oneself. With me you are all equal. And I trust and love you, that you will prove this equality. In equals there is no competition; there is a combined effort. You will all carry my message. But nobody will be higher or lower, nobody will be a successor. All will be my lovers and they will carry me … If the disciple loves the master, if there is trust, and trust founded on experience, he will carry spontaneously the master’s message. There is no need to say anything, he will be his master’s message. Now something serious…

“The Babblebrain family are going to the theater one night but nobody wants to stay at home to look after Grandad. So they decide to take him with them.

The movie is nearing its most exciting part when the whole row is disturbed by old man Babblebrain crawling around on his hands and knees.

‘Grandpa!’ whispers Boris loudly. ‘Get back in your seat!’

‘I can’t,’ replies Grandad. ‘I’ve lost a toffee.’

‘Sit down!’ snaps Boris. ‘You are disturbing the whole theater for a lousy toffee. I’ll buy you another one if you just sit down!’

‘I need that one,’ says Grandad.

‘My God!’ cries Boris. ‘What’s so special about THAT toffee?’

‘Because my teeth are in it!’ shouts Grandad.”

Osho, paraphrased from Nansen: The Point of Departure, Chapter 2