one sky music
May 31, 2012

The Art of Ecstasym8-1

When I sat down to write this update, I thought how best describe the first six months of my year? Osho describes meditation as an art — the art of ecstasy. And this is the phrase that kept coming to mind, one that perhaps best describes my Zen adventures in the Far East.  I was in Japan and Taiwan a lot this winter. I stayed busy with events, but also took time to relax and enjoy. I kept my fingers stayed strong for the music and the meditations kept me on-track inside. I was also blessed to meet many wonderful people along  my way. Japan still still suffers in the aftermath of last year’s tsunami and ongoing radiation crisis.But these situations made the events all the more powerful and everyone’s celebration more authentic. It is one thing to hear Osho say “we celebrate everything” and quite another to live it as one’s understanding.
My last days in Japan were made more beautiful by the divine cherry blossom season in April, truly a wonder to behold. Also the Osaka Festival Day which was one of the best in years and joined by friends and fellow musicians from all over the country. Long travels since have carried me to the USA where after a short family visit I moved on to Europe for the summer. Spring is still unfolding in Denmark, where I am at present. So I feel lucky to be experiencing it all over again. My base is the Osho RISK Center where I enjoy helping out around the house and playing for the evening meditation. I also love my long walks in the surrounding nature. In these days (or should I say nights?) the nightingales are singing their special songs, reminding me there a simple, easy-going, natural ecstasy that requires no effort or thinking. The ecstasy that is Existence.