one sky music
March 28, 2013

It’s All Good

I recently celebrated my sixtieth birthday in style with good friends, cake, plenty of champagne, music and dancing in New York City and Virginia; also in Dallas where I facilitated an unscheduled event and continued work on my new homepage design. Which is, by the way, finished now. Yahoo! The newly-added shop gives a possibility to share the music and meditations easily and make them more available.

The work was a lot and took me most of the winter but I got into it. I also learned some new things. In the last months, I have been leaning more towards being a geek than a musician. Now with my guitars freshly out of the shop after some much-needed TLC, I look forward to playing and the tour dates ahead.

I always thought when I turned sixty, my eyes would turn more towards The Himalayas and retirement, but surprise:  the celebration continues!