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March 30, 2011

Music On My Rooftop

A cd of new songs is in the works. Hopefully, it will be ready by the summer tours. Rehearsals happened in Chandira’s home, an old medieval castle near Kassel, Germany. The basic tracks were recorded in Sound Development Studio, Zurich, Swizerland with Teerth on drums, Chandira bass, me on guitar, then joined for a few days by Sidhamo(who flew in from Helsinki) on keyboards and piano. The engineer was Gabriel and his assistant, May, kept us nourished with wonderful lunches. We stayed with Regula, one of the annual Zurich event team, who also kept us nourished — with love, support, and fun.

When the basic tracks were finished, Chandira and I proceeded to California, where we met Sudhananda. The three of us stayed one week in a small studio (Dragonfly) in the redwoods, about four hours drive north of San Francisco. There we recorded the vocal and additional guitar tracks. The weather was like Indian monsoon, raining almost non-stop the whole time we were there. In a way, it was perfect as It created a womb-like, cozy environment for being creative. We did some good work and it all came down to the wire with Sudhananda and I finishing the last things at 4am the day we were leaving. There was no use trying to sleep. We were all packed in the car and off at 5am, bound for the city and our flights later that same day.

It has been a wonderful way to spend the winter months, doing something creative and keeping my energy moving. I have had a feeling since few years to move deeper into musis and this project has already more than satisfied this longing. It is very-much like watching a seed sprout as with each new phase, the songs grow and expand. Art is a mirror, so I have also had to face my demon:, the doubts and insecurities. But because of past projects, I know this is also a part of a bigger process when making something beautiful. Certainly, one of the big joys is watching things — including myself — unfold and flower. There is still a ways to go. Now is the end of March and things are more or less at the halfway point. I say ” so far, so good” and like to share with you a few photos of this magical journey.


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Zurich, Swizerland – Sound Development Studio

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Redway, California – Dragonfly Studio

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