one sky music
September 1, 2014


After the RISK Summer Festival, travels took me to Portugal for the seven-day Family Constellation Training facilitated by Darshan. It was followed immediately by the OSHO Heart Festival — both in the same wonderful venue along the Tagus River where it reaches the sea. The training was many things: intense, inquiring, insightful, and ultimately liberating, while the festival gave opportunity for integrating the work and also celebrating it.

From Lisbon, I traveled to England where I rendevoused with Chandira and Rishi for the OSHO Leela Summer Festival. It had been many years since I visited England. It was a delight to meet so many old friends and also make a few new ones. The energy went high and deep in the course of a few divine days. I am always amazed what happens when people come together to meditate. Hearts open and some remembrance happens — so precious, so nourishing, so healing.