one sky music
December 12, 2020

Cedars of Lebanon 
by Milarepa

I started out looking for myself
Down many paths my travels have led
Somewhere along the way I became
The very thing I was searching for

High are the mountains in the morning sun
I move to the rhythm of a different drum
Around every corner the new moment brings
A light to my journey within

Stand tall like the Cedars of Lebanon
See how they reach for the stars
Stand tall like the Cedars of Lebanon
May your aim be straight and true

The recent Satsang version of this song can be streamed here: It features Chandira (vocals), Nandin (flutes), Sudhananda (guitar, vocals), and Milarepa (guitar, vocals). Video editing by Sudhananda. It was originally recorded for the album, “Invisible Worlds” available at

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