one sky music
August 2, 2020

This song was written song by my dear Danish friend, Bindu, who left his body last year. We sang it the first time together in Buddha Hall for Osho’s discourse at the Osho Commune, Pune, India sometime in 1988. It went on to become one of the sannyas “classics” i.e. very loved. This version was featured at the end of Morning Satsang lV streamed on Zoom, July 26, 2020. It features Nandin (silver flute), Sudhananda (vocals and guitar), and Milarepa (vocals and guitar). Although this is a free sharing, please consider a contribution to support the music (donate button in the top right margin of this page). Thank you.


“Buddha is the very nature of existence. From the smallest grassleaf to the biggest star, everything is intrinsically, potentially, a buddha. Some buddhas are asleep, there is no harm in it. Some buddhas have awakened, there is no glory in it. Just take care, when you are a sleeping buddha – don’t snore, because that disturbs other sleeping buddhas. Not to disturb anybody, not to interfere in anybody’s territory – that is the only virtue I know of.”

Osho, One Seed Makes the Whole Earth Green #3