one sky music
February 23, 2017

Basho wrote:
A wintry gust
Disappears amid the bamboos
And subsides to a calm

“What is our so-called life? A wintry gust disappears amid the bamboos and subsides to a calm. Just a little drama, just a little playfulness and you are gone. Our so-called life is so momentary that one should not get attached to it. Its only function, only proper function, can be to find the immortal. Hidden behind every moment is the eternal. But you can go on moving on the surface, never going deeper in your consciousness. You will move for millions of lives on the surface like ripples. It is sheer wastage of an immense awareness that can open all the doors of your originality, of your creativity, of your beauty, of your joy. Each moment becomes such a dancing moment.” Osho

All The Birds Fly Home by Dipamo
Played and recorded by Sudhananda and Milarepa, Pune, India 1990