one sky music
April 3, 2019

The Padma NYC Spring Festival Saturday felt like a fresh breeze. The day had such an easy effortless flow from Dynamic Meditation straight through Meera’s delcious and nourishing celebration dinner. It was wonderful having Lee and Geetesh in the music and Vasumati’s soft guiding presence in the afternoon session where we explored the essence of celebration and gratefulness. The celebration overflowed into Sunday as we enjoyed South Indian breakfast ala New York City with Vasumati and the Atlanta friends in attendance: Paritosh, Anuradha, and Chandra. Later in the evening, we convened again, this time with Meera and Arpana, for desserts and coffee at the iconic Italian eatery at Madison Square Park, Eataly. More laughter and fun ensued before final goodbyes were said (with hugs) before all headed off to our respective beds for a contented night’s sleep. The festival was a wonderful inner reset, a great way to say hello to the Spring. Stay tuned for further upcoming events at Padma NYC, the best place in New York City to meditate and grow.