one sky music
June 9, 2019

In May, I did a twenty-one days Dynamic Meditation adventure in collaboration with our New York City meditation center, Padma NYC. In addition to enjoying some of the twenty-one days at the center, I facilitated an online group of about twenty people internationally who hopped on for the ride. Committing to something like this is a challenge any way one cuts it, especially to manage it daily with one’s job and other responsibilities. But as the days progressed, the feedback from everyone was so inspiring and supporting, I think everyone quickly realized the benefits far outweighed effort involved. Interspersed among the three weeks were some wonderful dinners at Padma NYC and other treats that made the journey all the more enjoyable. The experience continued after Day 21 with many of the friends coming to Connecticut for the weekend and a two-day retreat that included one more rousing Dynamic that even the neighbors survived. The retreat included not only meditation, but was also an opportunity for the group to connect, cook together, walk in Nature, and most importantly, relax.