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January 19, 2024

All the religions are trying to humiliate humanity. Their whole business and exploitation and oppression depend on you, your fear, your greed, your death, your disease. If you start feeling yourself divine and can enjoy not only life but death too with the same dance, what will be the purpose of the priests? And they are in the millions all over the world, living just like parasites. They may be Hindu, they may be Mohammedan, they may be Christian, they may belong to any religion, but priesthood is the ancientmost profession of parasites. If you enter yourself and find the truth, you will be surprised that every effort was made to keep you ignorant of what was within you, so that the exploitation could continue. Buddha’s attitude is that you are a buddha. It is not a question of achieving buddhahood. You are a buddha; all that you need is a mirror to see your face, your original face – a recognition, a remembrance. You have forgotten who you are. And every moment is the right time. You just need a little courage to risk your knowledgeability, risk your ego, and put everything that you think is valuable at stake. Search within yourself for the only thing that you can neither borrow from anybody nor give to anybody. That is your nature. And that nature is always in the present. Hence, the present is the right time. Neither yesterday nor tomorrow. Today. This very moment you can become a buddha.

Osho, “Dogen, the Zen Master: A Search and a Fulfillment #6”


December 25, 2023

It was a joy to be in Dallas again, to celebrate the opening of the new Osho Simran Meditation Center. A rousing Dynamic Meditation set the tone for the day. I appreciate Lee traveling from Georgia and joining me for Morning Satsang and the afternoon Heart Dance. Gyankirti rounded out the program with two lovely healing and energy sessions. Many thanks to Sangeeta and Anurag for sharing their gorgeous facility with the community. And to all the wonderful participants, what to say except — Osho! Such a great end-of-year flourish to 2023.

September 28, 2023

After a long pandemic-related touring hiatus, events are starting again. Join the celebration!

December 9 (Saturday) – Dallas, Texas
Osho Simran Center Grand Opening & Osho Birthday Celebration
Time: 8 am – 6 pm
Where: 870 Blenheim Drive, Argyle, TX 76226
Contact: Sangeeta (214-724-1991) /

September 19, 2023

Give this powerful shamanic meditation a try. It is available here as a free download for one month only. It can be enjoyed any time of day. The exercises for the seven chakras will dissolve energy blocks and harmonize the centers. The booklet describing the stages is included in the download. Enjoy!

May 1, 2023

Falling in love
Like the rain outside my window
Wondering when I’ll see you again

I’m missing the sunshine
But there’s nothing I can do except
Wish for a rainbow and you

Falling in love
I’m a bee and you’re my flower
Drunk on the nectar of your heart

Been missing the sunshine
But there’s nothing I can do except
Wish for a rainbow and you

There’s a strong wind blowing through the trees
See how it dances in the leaves
I wait for the sun to come and dry my tears
And wish for a rainbow and you

Here comes the rain again
Making music on my rooftop
I’m wondering when I’ll see you again

Missing the sunshine
But there’s nothing I can do except
Wish for a rainbow and you

Track #7 from the album Daydreams.

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The full album can be purchased via the Shop (browse “Celebration”).

March 18, 2023

Standing at the crossroads of my life again
With both hands empty wondering who I am
The highway is calling and I hear that sound
The wheels in my head keep spinning round and round

Grooving in the moment but I’m a little out of time
Staring at the words can’t get nothing to rhyme
It’s a razor’s edge in the here-and-now, that’s why
I’m running like crazy for the higher ground

No guarantee I’ll make it but I’m gonna take a risk
Trust myself and carry on even if I miss
Lessons in life come easy when you know
The secret inside is just letting go

It isn’t always easy, sometimes you get the blues
And you can’t see the forest for the trees
Just when you think you’ve lost it all
And feel your back against the wall
That’s when you’ll hear the river’s call

Can’t push the river
Gotta go with the flow
Easy is the right way
Gonna let myself go

Track #1 from the album Daydreams.

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Full album can be purchased via the shop. Browse “Celebration”.

March 13, 2023

I’m making a fresh start, a new beginning
Jumping in at the deep end, throwing reason to the wind
You know I got a feeling I’ve been here before
Standing at the threshold knocking at love’s door

It’s a funny kind of math, you can’t learn it from a book
Open up your eyes and look, see it happening everywhere
It’s a thing called love, been going on for centuries
You can hear its song in the birds and the bees

They don’t teach it in school and it don’t follow no rules
But they say it always finds a way and I believe that’s true
Because love is a rainbow, a bridge between two hearts
And love is the pain we feel when we’re apart

The same heart beats in you that beats in me
We both want love and we want to be free
At the end of the day when its all been said and done
I know in this heart-of-hearts you are the one

One plus one always equals one when you’re in love

Track #5 from the album Daydreams.

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Full album can be purchased via the shop. Browse “Celebration”.

January 28, 2023

I am a song waiting to be sung
I am a dance waiting for the drum
I am a melody on a hollow flute
A silent harmony at the feet of Truth

I am a rolling stone on the highway of life
I am a restless heart reaching for the light
I am an arrow true flying to its mark
I am a shooting star falling through the dark

I am an empty page waiting for some words to grace
I am an ancient soul searching for a face
I am a poet’s pen longing for a muse
I am a fool for love with nothing left to lose

Running free on the road to nowhere
Running free
Running free on the road to nowhere
Running free

Stardust in my eyes
Music of the spheres
I was born to live and I live to die
I embrace the sky
Now every day is a good day

Track #3 from the album Daydreams.

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Full album can be purchased via the shop. Browse “Celebration”.

January 1, 2023

Kansan says:

I climb the road to Cold Mountain,
The road to Cold Mountain that never ends.
The valleys are long and strewn with stones;
The streams broad and banked with thick grass.
The moss is slippery though no rain has fallen.
Pines sigh, but it is not the wind
Who can break from the snares of the world,
And sit with me among the white clouds?

December 24, 2022

Lifetimes we have wandered far
Let’s not forget who we are
Child of Immortality
It’s our birthright to be free

Let us lift our voices high
Open up our mind and eyes
With our song embrace the sky
A New Man we can realize

Politicians play their games
Their wars our children die in vain
When does all the madness stop
We cannot seem to stop the clock

Businessmen their profits reap
While the planet hangs its head and weeps
Marching blindly to their fate
I pray to god it’s not too late

Mother Earth, it’s hard to bear
So much pain and suffering
Man it seems has lost his way
No hope for a better day

Brother take your sister’s hand
Together we must make a stand
Put aside our differences
Because love is all there is

Love is the answer
The song in every heart that beats
Love is the answer
The key to our humanity

Track #6 from the album Daydreams.
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Full album can be purchased via the shop. Browse “Celebration”.
Painting by Siddhena.