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September 7, 2015

Osho RISK Summer Festival 2015 Cabaret Skit featuring Milarepa as Core Dash eeKhan

“A little foolishness and a little wisdom is good, and the right combination makes you a Buddha.” Osho, Returning To The Source

I conceived this skit for the cabaret variety show that happened on the last evening of the Osho RISK Summer Festival 2015. It stars Nadiya, Nikhil, Sudas, and myself (Milarepa). Subhuti is giving the introduction. I play Core Dash eeKhan, a parody of the mega-famous Indian Bollywood star, Salman Khan, often seen in films wearing impossibly short, tight cut-off jeans and sporting a super-ripped physique. He is also a master of all manner of pelvic thrusting when he dances.

I was a little worried (to put it mildly) whether I would be able to manage some semblance of a sculpted physique for the show. I shamelessly admit that a week before the performance I did fifty sit-ups every morning. I am not sure I suceeded in converting my one-pac to a six-pac, but kudos for trying. Once the lights went up and the show was on, all these sorts of worries vanished in a flash and there was nothing else going on, either in my mind or unhinged hips, except the immense fun we were all having.

The storyline runs like this: In the first half of the skit, Nadiya is holding Core’s mirror in which he is constantly admiring himself. Enamored with his own image, he can hardly be bothered with the two women constantly buzzing around him vying for attention. The women don’t give up easily. In fact, the more they are ignored, the more determined they are to make him take notice. However, Core being Core, refuses to let himself be distracted. He is always going back to the mirror from which he can continue admiring his image. At some point, Nadiya becomes bored and fed up. Ditching the mirror, she decides to join the other girls, and at one point says to Core with a wink: “Hai, kem cho. Majama cho?” which translates from Gujarati to English as: “Hey, how are you? Are you happy?” At this point, the two other “women” take off their costumes, revealing themselves to be none other than Nikhil and Sudas, two male Osho RISK residents. The dancing shifts into high-gear as all four break into full-on “bhangra masala”, a take on the traditional Punjabi folk-dancing style.

It was really fun doing this. Everyone enjoyed a lot. It was something creatively different for me to be involved in other than the music which I am usually doing for the festival. I would like to say thank you to Nadiya, Nikhil, and Sudas for being good sports, and courageous enough, to support me in this little bit of intentional madness. Hahaha … life is a play indeed. Enjoy! Click here