one sky music
November 17, 2015

There have many postings of the USA tour photos already on Facebook and the Meetup sites, but these collections are some of my favorites. I realize while it’s hard to capture all the many wonderful highlights with such a narrow selection, scrolling through these galleries gives a good sense of the magic, however indescribable it may be.

The tour really does move in what Osho describes a vertical dimension, where timelines don’t procede predicatably horizontal, but from peak to peak. It really is true, and I’ve said it many times, every year I can’t imgaine how the next can possibly top the previous. But, I am always humbled. And also grateful. Because so much goes into making it possible: from all the planning and logistics that start twelve months before, to all the organizers who do this from the goodness of their heart and the simple joy of sharing; to the band, the amazing musicians I am fortunate to play with; to the flow of searching souls who find their way to the venues from all corners of the USA and World. Indeed, it is quite a galaxy of details that must mesh seemlessly. Quite a miracle, to say the least.

It amazes me each year that I am never able to see ahead how things are going to be and look. It is like staring at a blank canvas, or looking deep into a night sky with no stars. Then at some point,  quite suddenly actually, things start rolling. And by the first chords of the first event, it is all happening as if a switch is remembered, flicked, and the carnival lights go on. And it just goes and goes and goes, building momentum like some giant wave of energy as we move from place to place. Then, in the blink of an eye things come full circle, it’s over, and I find myself again alone. Yet, something beautiful has moved inside me and I realize, smilingly, a fresh, new perspective has bloomed, shining from the inside out. Ahhh … what to say? Except …This!

New York




San Diego