one sky music
March 18, 2022

These enlightened words of the recently-transitioned Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, resonate with me:

“The fact is that nothing is born, nothing dies…. It is impossible for anything to die, to become nothing. That is why meditation on death is so helpful. Meditation on death helps you to see that there is no death. There is no birth and death. There is only transformation. Nothing can be lost… The meditation on death is a very important meditation. When you meditate on death, you love life more; you cherish life more. And, we can learn many lessons. Mindfulness allows us to recognize, cherish, and treasure what is still available so that in the future we will not say, “While that person was still alive, I was not aware of his or her precious presence”. That is why it is so important to go home to the here and the now and recognize, and cherish, all the positive elements that are still available. With the practice of mindfulness, we can look deeply, and we can discover the nature of no birth and no death, and we can find out that nothing can die and nothing can be lost… “ *paraphrased from this wonderful short clip