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June 25, 2018

The Spring Awakening event in Brampton (Toronto) was a joy. One of the many highlights was six people taking sannyas. It was an Osho miracle, a big energy-situation. And boy, did we jump in Dynamic Meditation. Each morning was full-on with everyone participating totally. There is a wonderful Sufi word, ‘masti’, which means ‘intoxicated with the divine’. There was certainly a LOT of masti at this event. Things even worked out, in a masti kind of way, that I also got to visit Niagara Falls. I didn’t know it was so close, only an hour’s drive from Toronto. I can confirm what people say: the falls are much more beautiful viewed from the Canadian side. Many thanks to Anmol and Anandmai for hosting us in their home; also the entire Osho Toronto Team. You guys rock! There is talk now of adding Toronto to the Oshofest schedule this year. So let’s stay tuned. Hope to see you all again very soon!