one sky music
December 11, 2014

Today I celebrate Osho, the Open Sky who introduced me to the world of meditation, opening my eyes and heart to a life of love, laughter, and celebration. Gratitude, always.

“Just being empty, you will understand — there is no other way¬†of understanding. Whatsoever you want to understand, be that, because that is the only way. Try being an ordinary man, nobody, with no name, no identity, with nothing to claim, with no power to enforce on others, with no effort to dominate, with no desire to possess, just being a nonentity. Try it — and see how powerful you become, how filled with energy and overflowing, so powerful that you can share your power, so blissful that you can give it to many, to millions. And the more you give, the more you are enriched. The more you share, the more it grows.”

And The Flowers Showered
Chapter #1