one sky music
May 27, 2021

This is a little experiment if you are up for it. It is an invitation to take a ten minute break from whatever you are doing in this moment and participate in a ten minute meditation “challenge”. It goes like this: Start the video from the beginning (be sure your sound is on). When you hear the bell, close your eyes. Be a listener to the music as it plays. And when the gaps come, relax into silence. See if you can resist the temptation to stop the Mind. In meditation, this is akin to swimming upstream in a strong river current. The best option, and what this exercise teaches, is to let go, watch, and observe the Mind. Of course, it might seem overwhelming at first, the rush and chaos of thoughts. But one of the great, liberating insights in meditation is realizing that we are NOT the insanity that goes on in our minds. There will be three sections of music each followed by a gap of silence. The end of the meditation is signaled by three drum beats.

The musicians are: Chintan (tablas), Dhwani (copper tin whistle), and Rishi (percussion). 

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