one sky music
March 1, 2014

Signs of Spring

When one comes across the jewel of oneself, it is truly something to celebrate. In fact it can be said, the whole Existence celebrates. Thirty-eight years ago, March 28th, I stumbled across just such a jewel while traveling through India, a diamond called Osho. I think of it as a divine accident. It is a precious discovery that hasn’t stopped since, one that just goes on and on, and one that has made me richer in ways i could not possibly imagine at the time. Recently, I celebrated this miraculous, and somewhat mysterious, phenomenon with a series of events in New York City and Atlanta. I celebrated not just the miracle of being myself but that of Osho’s and the countless others he goes on inspiring to wake up. I can imagine no better way to say hello to the Spring, the inner and outer awakening of Nature, than with a few songs and wild, crazy dances — not to mention a slice of yummy cake.