one sky music
March 6, 2021

I would like to share the audio of the two celebration songs from Satsang: A Worldwide Osho Tribute that streamed via Zoom February 26-28, 2021. “This Life Our Celebration” is a sannyas perennial that has been played in countless celebrations around the world. I wrote it in 1981 at Rajneeshpuram (additional lyric from Maniko) and it chosen to be played at the First Annual World Celebration. The version featured here was the first stage (celebration) of the recent Satsang (evening format). It features Atmo (trumpet), Chandira (vocals), Chintan (bass), Nadama (keyboards), Nandin (flutes), Rishi (drums), Sudhananda (vocals), and Milarepa (vocals, guitar). The second song, “Altitude Of Your Love” written by Sudhananda(, is one of the most-beloved songs from the World of Osho. It was featured for Sannyas Celebration at the end of Satsang. This is a free sharing, but please consider a gesture of support, if you download the tracks, using one of these convenient platforms: Paypal (, Zelle (; or visit the “Contribute” button on this homepage ( Thank you and enjoy.

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