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November 15, 2013



The Invitation

Teerth has been traveling and playing with me for a lot of years — many tours, many events, many miles. So when we hugged and he said to me after finishing loading the van one last time in New York, “Mila, I think this was the best tour ever” it means something. I agree: It was the best tour ever.

Atlanta set the pace with Anuradha, Paritosh, and the Osho Atlanta team sponsoring the band for the first time. Great job, beloveds, finding such a gorgeous venue: the Red Top Mountain State Park. Cabins have been set aside for next year so the event can be residential. I have played many sannyas celebrations in my day, but the one in Atlanta Saturday evening took celebration to a whole new level. Like I say, Atlanta set the pace. It was also nice we could celebrate Teerth’s birthday Sunday evening.

This year marked sixteen years of the USA events. The energy ball that started rolling in Atlanta expanded in Dallas, Chicago, and New York. At the start of each event, we shared one of Osho’s lesser known meditations, Gourishankar. This meditation remains as much an enigma as when I first experienced it in Pune 1976. I find it such an unusual technique, and especially powerful when done with live-music and a blue strobe light. I am fascinated by the subtle way in which it works. And in some mysterious fashion, it set the tone for each events and all that followed.

The drives are always long, but also fun. I stopped counting somewhere between Chicago and New York once we passed the eight thousand mile mark. Chandira, Teerth, and I were the basic music team. We were joined along the way by many lovely, talented friends. In Atlanta, Prakash and Lee. In Dallas, Lee and Rajmani. In Chicago, Ashik came on board with the violin; also Prashant, Gillian, Anand, and Sargie. Lee managed yet another miracle (supported by an angel in Dallas) and surprised us again in New York where we were also joined by Sharabo. Wow, is all I can say!

If there was anything difficult about this year’s tour, it has been choosing the photos. There were many and they all say so much. Joy seems to leap right out from them: all the shining faces, the silence, the gratitude, the celebration … so many touching moments that can only be acknowledged by tears and a silent nod of the head. Priya, the New York organizer, decided to advertised her event as “The Invitation” which became this year’s theme. I think I speak for everyone when I say I am happy I accepted the “invitation” and could be a participant in the Feast.




New York