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October 31, 2004


Colors of Celebration

After the Europe tour finished, I rested for a few weeks in the countryside northeast of Stockholm, just a fifteen minute drive to the archepelago. Autumn was already appearing in the form of cool days and nights, while the forests were full of wild mushrooms and blueberries. One highlight of these few weeks between events was my first drive on a Harley-Davidson!

The Varazzee Festival in nearby Genoa, Italy, was again wildly successful thanks to the love and care of its organizers: Nirodh and Ushma. Bellisimo!

2Three events made for a short USA tour this year РNew York, Cleveland, and Sedona Рbut the energy in each place was more beautiful than ever. Directly afterwards, I flew to The Bahamas, where I  joined friends at Wildquest for a week swimming with the dolphins.

Now another shift in gears and climates. I’m writing this update in Virginia where autumn has definitely arrived. The air is crisp and cool, and the Fall colors spectacular. In just a few more days, I will be on a plane to Japan and Taiwan, where more adventures await – and the next phase of the touring!

There are many pictures to share this time: some from earlier in the summer on the Europe tour, but also some recent ones from the Wildquest trip.

So enjoy – and perhaps meet you along the way!

Osho RISK Summer Festival, Denmark

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risk5 risk6
risk7 risk3
risk9 risk4a
risk8 risk10

Soleluna Festival & Amarti Celebration, Italy

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it3 it4
it9 it10
it8 it7

USA Tour – New York, Cleveland, and Sedona

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usa5 usa4 usa1a
usa9a usa8 usa7a