one sky music
September 29, 2022

I answered a call from deep inside
A promise made in another life
I packed my bags not knowing why
And I crossed the mountains east to the other side

I traveled far and I traveled wide
Through the dark night with the stars my only light
I heard it said somewhere along my way
That the journey ends where it all begins

I search my soul for something more to say
No sign around of yesterday
Words like dry leaves fall away
Feel like I’ve lived my life in a single day

I die to the past and I have to laugh
Why the best things in life never seem to last
All we can do is help each other see
And the truth will set us free

Carry me, river of grace
From the mountains to the sea
Carry me, river of grace
Baptise me in love and devotion

World keeps turning and the towers are burning
The road goes on forever
The song I have inside me goes stronger
With each passing year

Enjoy a free download of the song, ‘River of Grace’ (track #4 from the album “Daydreams”).

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