one sky music
October 18, 2018

This year’s OSHOfest 2018 was six weekend across America that also included Mexico. It was a wonderful ride from start to finish. Each event built on energy of the previous one, with the last, Atlanta, exploding in a rainbow of light and color. There were literally hundreds of photos; also lots of videos. Many I shared daily on Facebook as our travels progressed. But for this sharing, I have chosen a small sampling of ones that stood out for me personally. I will also include two video clips: one of mine that showcases the Midwest weekend in Wisconsin, the other by Prem Ambika of Dallas sharing her experiences from Atlanta. Both give a nice sense of ALL the OSHOfest events. Ambika’s video will soon appear in accompanied by an article of hers. I want to thank my wonderful, talented One Sky Band and our guest musicians along the way; also the organizers and EVERYONE for making this year such a super experience.