one sky music
January 1, 2022

Some inspiring words to light the way forward…

“Life is so rich and so unbelievably beautiful. If you can relax with it you have reached the path of unexcelled liberation, you have reached to the very ultimate beyond which nobody has ever gone. And it is so simple: all that you need is to learn the art of acceptance, suchness, and the faith will arise out of it. With the faith arising, all the doors of existence are opened to you, inviting to you. The religious people of the world have destroyed the real and the essential meaning of religion. Creating rituals, prayers, statues, churches, synagogues, they have misled the whole of humanity. Nothing of that is needed; it is all junk. All that is needed is a small flame of love toward all, without any conditions, without any expectations – and whatever life brings, to accept it with gratitude.” Osho, Ta Hui, The Great Zen Master #29