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January 1, 2008

A Bridge in Timeu21

Rather than draw a line where one year stops and the next begins, I present this update as a bridge, a bridge of time, connecting a series of events that started last October and continue into the New Year. Truth is: There are no full stops in existence, only semi-colons.

At the beginning of October after the last USA events, I took a break from everything. After being continuously on the move for more than two years, I felt a need to take some space for myself and from the many responsibilities the tours and projects demand. Experience has taught me that for my creativity to stay fresh, I sometimes need to do this. During this time, even my guitar sat like a neglected lover in the corner, (although I am happy to report we re-discovered each other again just before New Years). I enjoyed the divine luxury of sleeping in my own bed, unpacking my suitcase and properly hanging up my clothes; also taking long walks in the countryside and wonderful nature that surrounds the little house-in-the-woods in Virginia where I occasionally stay. I completely let go the reins of my life and the weeks went by. Slowly, I began to unwind and relax until one day realizing I was fresh again, renewed, and ready to look ahead to the next steps.

In the middle of December, I traveled to Zurich, Switzerland to tidy up some old projects in the studio, while at the same time began working on a new dance meditation which I hope to have ready for the spring when the tours start again.

From there, I traveled to Osho RISK in Denmark where I played for a winter festival and welcomed in the New Year in a nourishing atmosphere of love, friendship, meditation, music, and some very good food.

On January 4, I traveled back to America and started in immediately on a different kind of project: the very basic work of locating a broken water pipe outside my house. It’s a different kind of work one might expect of a musician, but one I have been enjoying nontheless. It brings up memories of wonderful days on the pipe crew at Rajneeshpuram. I wish I had the backhoe I used to drive at my disposal now, but I am amazed how much one can accomplish with a simple shovel and pick. Plus, I like the exercise.

I enjoy the seasons and watching them change. We had an exceptionally long and colorful autumn in Virginia this year that stretched out over two months. I notice the seasons can be a mirror for changes happening within myself. Just as my travels came to a peak in September and October, so did nature also peak, splashing the forest with myriad shades of color. Then the season changed. Just as I was shedding all that was old in me, so did the trees let go and dropped their old leaves. It was as if everything – both inside and out – was finally coming to a place of rest.

I take my present lesson from the bare trees of winter outside my window as I write these words, trusting like them one day the spring will come, bringing with it new flowers, fresh leaves, and a sense of renewal.

On this note, I wish you Happy New Year!

Reflections of Autumn

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