one sky music
December 1, 2016

Geetee from The Humaniversity sent me this clip. It is part of a compilation of mixes used in their annual WOW! group, this one from 2016. There are no liner notes, so I am not sure who the other musicians are. I vaguely remember sitting in the studio on one of my band visits tinkering with the chord progression. Could it be Swagato on flute improvising along with me? I didn’t recognize my playing at first. That was a fun surprise. It sure brought a smile to my face, and a warm feeling inside, knowing they had found a way to use my modest contribution. I have a lot of respect for them and am always happy to support in whatever way I can. The cd has eighteen tracks that flow into each other like a DJ would mix them. Mine opens the album and sets a tone with Veereshs’ heartful sharing. From there, it is like taking a journey into and through the WOW! process as one super dance remix follows the next. The compilation finishes with a wonderful track called “Treasure”. I particularly like the words:

Treasure is measured in units of love
Which means, you may find you are 
Rich beyond your wildest dreams 

The cd is shared only with participants from the WOW! and not available commercially. In which case, let me give them a little plug for the wonderful work they do. Check out their numerous transforming workshops at . Their groups will rock you, even change your life. And who knows? You might find yourself grooving to some pretty good music.

Visit this link and enjoy!