one sky music
December 24, 2022

Lifetimes we have wandered far
Let’s not forget who we are
Child of Immortality
It’s our birthright to be free

Let us lift our voices high
Open up our mind and eyes
With our song embrace the sky
A New Man we can realize

Politicians play their games
Their wars our children die in vain
When does all the madness stop
We cannot seem to stop the clock

Businessmen their profits reap
While the planet hangs its head and weeps
Marching blindly to their fate
I pray to god it’s not too late

Mother Earth, it’s hard to bear
So much pain and suffering
Man it seems has lost his way
No hope for a better day

Brother take your sister’s hand
Together we must make a stand
Put aside our differences
Because love is all there is

Love is the answer
The song in every heart that beats
Love is the answer
The key to our humanity

Track #6 from the album Daydreams.
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Painting by Siddhena.