one sky music
September 1, 2015

It has been now three weeks since the Family Constellation Training in Lisbon. The Osho Heart Festival followed on three days afterward, so it has been a busy time without much opportunity to share impressions. I can say that since the training, every day brings new insights and understandings of myself. Some of these insights are not without pain. It is as if the expansion of my soul is stretching the limits of what I ever imagined possible. Call them “growing pains”.

The group was not especially conducive to photography. The few photos compiled can never adequately show the transformations of those seven days, how lives were touched and changed, the renewal and sense of freedom, the power of love, the coming home to oneself; nor the many miracles that shower from seeing “what is”. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone in the group for the courage you showed, for your sincerity and honesty — all of which inspired and helped me take the steps I needed for myself and my own life-direction. And thank you Darshan: for your love, for your great passion for the work, and for holding the space for us all to explore, go deeper, and fly higher. What an adventure.

Too many words do no justice to affairs of the heart. But one more word here is necessary here: Osho.