one sky music
December 30, 2020

There is not a day I don’t feel lucky to have Osho’s archive available. I am grateful to all those who worked on the project and had the means to manifest it. It is a blessing without compare to receive Osho directly from the source. These words of Osho have been resonating with me recently. They are a good reminder. 

“… my preference is for direct grace. Don’t bother about a medium. If at some time it is necessary in the course of one’s life, a glimpse can come through a medium also. But the seeker should not worry or be anxious about this. Don’t go begging. Because as I said, then the giver is bound to turn up. Then the more dense the medium, the more adulterated will be the effect. The giver should be such that he is not conscious of giving. Then shaktipat can be pure. Even then it is not grace. You will still need to receive grace directly without a medium. There should be no one between you and the whole. There should be no one between existence and you. And this should always be in your mind. This should be your longing. And this should be your search. Many happenings will take place on the way, but you are not to stop anywhere. That is all that is required of you. And you will feel the difference.”