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April 30, 2009


I transitioned the end of February like the changing seasons, moving from a period of rest and into the tours which started earlier this year than usual. I made a conscious decision rather than wait around for spring to come (because who knows?), it was far better to manifest it myself.

Like every tour, this one was an adventure, taking me to new places such as Romania. And Turkey, where I enjoyed Istanbul which I had not visited since returning overland from India in 1976. The workshops in Stockholm and Moscow proved two points: One, that I am able to survive winters in even the most-northern latitudes. And two, that when the heart opens and a healthy dose of meditation and celebration is applied, who really cares where one is. Is it not like this?

I passed by Osho RISK in Denmark several times along the way. During my first visit, Rishi and Palash happened to be there and we assembled the band for some high-energy grooving in the therapist training group. The second time through, spring had started to appear and I enjoyed some nice singing with Pratibha for the evening meditation meetings.

On Easter Sunday, just before my return flight to the States, I learned Neera left-her-body. I spoke with Dinraj, her longtime partner, the previous day. Something he said touched me very much: That she requested her friends not mourn her passing, nor dwell on being sad, but rather rejoice and celebrate her life and death. And I felt yes! This is the right way. Of course I will miss her by my side where she stood for so many years in the celebrations. And yes, certainly there is sadness … and tears … but the love and space I know with her – the music, the laughter, her divine voice … so many things … will live on in my heart. This is how it is. I have searched my archive for a few favorite photos of her to share at the end of this update, just a little tribute and way of saying, in all gratitude: Neera, I love you!

The long shadows of winter become shorter in these late-April days as existence reminds with its new flowers and fresh leaves: spring is definitely here! A new season, a precious time of transitions, reflecting inside and out.

Starting in a few weeks on May 1, I will make a one-month tour across America. The schedule of events, plus the summer tour schedule, are posted. Please have a look. Everyone is welcome to join the caravanserai whenever and wherever possible.

USA – February


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Europe – March and April

Flowering Center   –   Stockholm

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Moscow, Russia

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Istanbul, Turkey

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Neera, Beloved of the Heart

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