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February 23, 2008


Stepping Stones

I am happy to announce a new meditation series called Stepping Stones. I have just finished work on the Yin Yang Dance Meditation, third in the series which also includes Chakra Healing and Circle of Love completed last year. I will be sharing the Yin Yang for the first time in Taiwan and Japan this coming March and April.

All the meditations in this series are in a forty-five minute format: thirty minutes technique and fifteen minutes silence. They are designed for those of us who like to meditate on a more regular basis, perhaps during the work-week, but have only limited time available. The meditations are short, yet powerful and effective, and can be useful in the morning, for example, before going to work or starting one’s daily routine.
The Yin Yang Dance Meditation starts with three minutes of hara breathing, followed by two high-energy dance stages.
The music is great for dancing, the meditation fun and I am excited to be sharing it at this year’s events.

Meanwhile, I celebrated my birthday in Virginia on the twenty-third which makes me a Pisces. And while my inner woman advises me not to reveal my age, suffice it to say I’m an Old Fish. My brother, Isa, visited me from New York City during this time.

On February 20, there was a total eclipse of the full moon and snow. Magic!

My upcoming Far East tour starts in Taiwan, March 7, and will continue on in Japan through April.

Looking ahead to the summer months, the Europe tour will again include a wonderful band of musicians. Treat yourself to one of the events and come enjoy with us. Click the tour schedule for details.

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