one sky music
February 23, 2007

f2 I started a new year traveling from Denmark (Osho RISK) to Switzerland, Holland and Germany to finish production of the new meditation cds – ‘Chakra Healing’ and ‘Circle of Love’. Everything is in the factory this month and should be ready soon. The music and covers all turned out beautiful. At the end of January, I traveled back to Osho RISK in Denmark and participated in a three-day Vipassana Intensive. Many thanks to Nana and Devadas for making possible this ‘back-to-essentials’ group. I feel refreshed and energized for my touring season, which starts February 9 in Scandanavia and The Baltics.

This month’s update I would like to dedicate to the Osho RISK Center and its Buddhafield. RISK is one of those rare places in the world, a place where people go about their daily lives, but come together often for meditation, fellowship, love, and celebration. It is a garden where people grow and flower in a caring, supportive atmosphere. The soft, feminine countryside surrounding the center lends support to the silence and sense of mystery that abides here.


in gratitude