one sky music
November 10, 2017

Our amazing USA tour just finished. I returned the van today, making note of its odometer reading: 5,911 miles from start to finish, not counting the air miles to California and back. Needless to say, I could use a long walk right now. And perhaps a cold beer to sand off the rough edges. Many thanks to my amazing One Sky Band; also the guest musicians who joined us along the way. And to the many brilliant organizers, whose fuel is LOVE and TRUST, I say NAMASTE and THANK YOU. I’m a little tired to deal with photos at this point, but Rishi and many of the friends have documented things through their lenses. I am sure there are some great shots to be viewed on Facebook and the Meetup groups. And who knows? Maybe one of these days, when I have sufficiently floated back to Earth, I will make a few collages of my own to post. But for now, I am going to step into the colorful canvas that has been this tour and disappear into the painting… at least for a bit ;+)

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