one sky music
November 5, 2016

Cedars of Lebanon

I started out looking for myself
Down many roads my travels have led
Somewhere along the way I became
The very thing I was searching for

High are the mountains in the morning sun
I move to the rhythm of a different drum
Around every corner the new moment brings
A light to my journey within

Stand tall like the Cedars of Lebanon
See how they reach for the stars
Stand tall like the Cedars of Lebanon
May your aim be straight and true

I would like to dedicate this clip to my father, who introduced me to the joys of Nature when I was a child, and to my dear mother who will reach her 90 year milestone in Januray — both without whose love I would not be in this world as I am today.

I always feel lucky after the tours to find myself in Virginia this time of year. The Fall colors in Shenandoah National Park never disappoint. And along the White Oak Canyon-Cedar Run trail they are especially magical. Another great place for an autumn walk is the state arboretum at Blandy Farm where one can stroll down “Cedar of Lebanon Alley”.

I wrote “Cedars of Lebanon” in India, 1999. It can be found on the album “Invisible Worlds”available at Recorded and mixed at Feedback Studios in Aarhus, Denmark, the band is Rishi on drums and percussion; Satgyan, bass; Manish, keyboards; Joshua, flute and saxophones; Devaprem, vocals; Satyam, vocals; Pratibha, vocals; and myself on vocals and guitars. 

The photos were taken last month, October 2016, by Bodhi Svaaha and me on an iPhone 5 and 6. Gotta love the technology.