one sky music
July 1, 2015

As this post’s title suggests, the New Family Constellations workshop in New York City last Saturday was a day of transformation. Some things are hard to describe, and in context of what transpired in this group, phrases like this seem small and even inadequate. How to describe things like genuine tears of awakening? Or positive openings and life-changing insights? So it was with this event: an energetic, healing process illustrating the powerful, shamanic nature of this amazing work, a process that paves the way to freedom, moving lives forward, unbound by self-imposed limitations especially with regard to family issues and situations.

Darshan, I want to thank you personally for bringing your magic and insight to America. It is a real gift having you here and visiting us. And thank you, Svaaha, for organizing all the many practical things that made the workshop a smooth sail.

Every block of Manhattan is a universe unto itself. After the event, we celebrated New York City in style, thoroughly enjoying, exploring, and sharing some big city adventure. One such adventure was the opportunity to hear the virtuoso drummer, Omar Hakim, playing with his band in the small, iconic nightclub, The Iridium. Those of you who have seen and heard Sting’s “Dream of the Blue Turtles”: Omar Hakim was the drummer. His solo at the end of the song, “I Burn For You” is the stuff of legends. Wow, what a super show!

Looking ahead, there will be a seven-day New Family Constellation Training in Lisbon, August 2-8, followed by the OSHO Heart Festival, August 13-16. Portugal remains Europe’s hidden gem. So if you haven’t discovered it yet, this is an ideal chance: to enjoy a transformative holiday exploring (and celebrating!) one’s inner world and the magic of Portugal. What could be better?